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Jordan Willis

Senior Communications Officer

I’m delighted to be MC for the Ashden event this week and am excited to have the opportunity to introduce my podcast to you. Given how much it is aligned with Ashden’s aims I hope you will make it yours, listen and share widely.

The Global GoalsCast is a podcast that seeks to inspire and empower listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories of individuals, companies, and organisations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world. We use the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for our podcast.

I’m very proud of our recent episode, “Stepping Up the Fight Against Extreme Poverty”. The fight to end extreme poverty is one of the great success stories in the modern world as more than a billion people have risen out of extreme poverty since 1990. SDG1 is to eliminate all extreme poverty by 2030, yet as the date gets closer the work gets harder.

The worst poverty is increasingly concentrated in the places least able to fight it, especially countries south of the Sahara. Bill Gates shares his surprising projection numbers and Dr Joyce Banda, former president of Malawi, President Emmanuel Macron, and other guests, share their ideas for how we can take increased action in the fight to end extreme poverty.

Another highlight for those involved in climate change is our Green mini-series – which takes place in Antartica, home of approximately 61% of all fresh water on the earth.  The melting ice in Antarctica impacts sea levels around the world. This treacherous yet invaluable place is the setting for the Green Miniseries as we follow the history and present day expeditions of explorers Robert and Barney Swan who walk to the South Pole relying solely on renewable energy, spreading the message about the importance of climate action to curb climate change.

Please have a listen, let me know what you think and if you’d like to know more about how to partner for Series 2 please let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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